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No teeth, no good. In Australia , 1 in 5 people delay dental treatment due to the cost. But thanks to the Melbourne Dental Clinic you won’t need to delay your dental treatment any longer.

It’s well worth spending a few moments discovering the many benefits of our unique dental care model. Conveniently located in a world-class facility, we offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ with most dental specialties in the one place. Our services range from general dentistry to complex oral diseases with easy access to state of the art equipment.

We are a subsidiary of the University of Melbourne. The graduate and postgraduate students from the Melbourne Dental School carry out our dental services whilst guided and closely supervised by some of the leading dental specialists in Melbourne. ‘The teaching and learning component of our service provides the opportunity for reduced dental fees. So now you can put a dental check and treatment at the top of your list!

Book your appointment now, or contact one of our team members to find out how we can help you save your teeth, and your budget.

Our Clinic

With six specialties as well as general dentistry available in the one location, our multi-disciplinary team collaborate together to make treatment recommendations that facilitate quality patient care. Seamless integration of all systems and practice within the centre enables each specialist to have instant access to treatment plans, laboratory results, 3D imagery and patient files, allowing for an evidence based best practice model of operation.

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Melbourne Dental Clinic

Level 1, 723 Swanston St,
Phone: 03 9035 8402
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